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 THANK YOU to the entire alumni community for your support of Culver's 4th Annual Day of Giving!

We are overwhelmed by your extraordinary generosity!

Our incredible community helped us surpass our goal with 2,328 gifts for a total of $2,017,094, all directly benefiting the Culver Fund.

View your class participation for the Day of Giving here.


Read about the overall succes of Day of Giving at the Culver Cannon.


Hear how our students feel about your support. 






The past is in your hearts, but the future—is in your hands. #since1894





new Winter 2021 Issue available

All Culver Summer Schools & Camps alumni are well-acquainted with the command to "pass in review." That's why it only seemed natural that our newest publication, a newsletter for all Culver Summer alumni, bear that well-known phrase.

Click HERE to see the latest Pass and Review (Winter 2021)

Click HERE to see the inaugural issue (Fall 2020)

The Culver Legion Presents Culver Connections Symposium

Since 1993, The Culver Legion has hosted a major spring event that has brought the talents of hundreds of alumni and parents to Academies students, primarily at the 12th-grade level.  Originally called Ethical Decision Making in the Workplace and Society, the program allowed visiting program participants the opportunity to share “real-world” problems in the context of their work and against the backdrop of a traditional career exploration setting.


In recent years, the Legion Board of Directors has re-branded the program as Culver Connections Weekend and incorporated broader offerings, including a job interview practicum.  With COVID-related restrictions still in place that preclude us from offering an in-person program in 2021, we present Culver Connections:  A Symposia Series.  Program panelists are Legion members from around the globe, with many of the sessions moderated by faculty and staff members.  Program topics were offereded virtually over multiple weeks from Feb 16 - March 11 to all members of the student body and, for the first time, allowed us to invite interested alumni to participate in the programming.


CLICK HERE to see the Culver Conections Symposium information.



join the new culver connect 

With more than 18,000 alumni around the world, Culver Connect brings together our extensive community of professionally talented and connected individuals. By providing a unique and exclusive space for establishing connections and fostering relationships, Culver Connect will assist you in taking your Culver Connection to the next level.
 Culver Connect allows users to:

-View a running feed of alumni updates/contributions

-Search a full opt-in directory of alumni and Summer School attendees allowing you to connect with your Culver classmate and campers around the world

-Search a job board with current opportunities posted by Culver connections

-Participate in group conversations that allow you to engage at a more granular level with those who share your particular affinity for Culver

-Offer mentorship and seek mentorship from others

Register in a matter of minutes. Visit


  through Culver History

    Join Culver Academies Museum & Archives Manager,
    Jeff Kenney, for a look at the unique and fascinating
    historical aspects of iconic campus locations.

      11/25/20 Thanksgiving at Culver - Then and Now                                                                                       (narrarated by Tony Mayfield '65)

      11/18/20 The QM and Campus Store

      11/5/20 Culver's Showdown at Soldier Field   

      9/16/20 Pandemics of Culver's Past

 Link to more Wednesday Walks at Culver Academies History Page  




We hope you enjoy the content put together by our Culver summer staff and campers.
Click here to discover the Virual Summer experience.


Click here to watch the special tribute to the Summer Class of 1970.


Click here to find all the resources you need for engaging with your class.

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