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Since its inception in 1894, Culver has been blessed with a long line of graduates who have distinguished themselves as athletes at Culver, and later served as ambassadors for athletic excellence in the United States and around the world. During Culver's Centennial year (1994), we sought to pay special tribute to those alumni, alumnae, and coaches who have made unusually significant contributions to athletics at Culver, and beyond, by establishing The Culver Academies Athletic Hall of Fame. (induction criteria)

Culver Academies 2013 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Richard Carman Rockaway ’26 (football, track) 
Sidney Salomon Jr. ’29 (golf)
John W. “Jack” Dobson ’31 (baseball, football)
Donald R. Foster ’46 (crew, football)
Robert C. “Robie” Vaughn ’74 (football, rough-riding)
Kirk A. Daubenspeck ’92 (hockey)
Tiffany S. Kyser ’99 (basketball, track, volleyball)
John-Michael T. Liles ’99 (baseball, golf, hockey)
Jeb B. Terry, Jr. ’99 (football)
Molly M. Engstrom ’01 (golf, hockey)
Walter G. “Bud” Roberts '32 (crew)

Culver Academies 2008 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Douglas H. Fischesser '70 (golf)
David W. Dale '67 (baseball)
Andrew M. Lausier '96 (wrestling)
Laura Korus Brown '97 (golf)
Dennis J. Svihlik '96 (baseball & hockey)
James R. Spencer '91 (baseball & hockey)

Culver Academies 2007 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

*Ervin R. Nelson (coach)
Richard W. Bird '65 (wrestling)
James S. Gault '70 (football)
Lizette L. Hedberg '78 (swimming & track)
Scott "Skeeter" R. Moore '82 (hockey & track)
Luis A. Quintana '80 (soccer)

Culver Academies 2006 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

*William Richardson '22 (track)
Samuel Coles Butler '47 (basketball, football, wrestling)
J. Gregory Poole Jr. '53 (football, baseball, basketball, crew)
Huntley "Bud" Hornbeck '71 (all-around athlete)
Karen S. Carswell '74 (basketball, softball)
Trevor Richards '86 (track)
Gregory P. Farrall '88 (all-around athlete)
Aris A. Brimanis '90 (hockey, soccer)
Staton M Brunner '91 (fencing, soccer)
*Donald "Jock" Sutherland (coach/administrator) (baseball, boxing, football, athletic career) - Lifetime Achievement
**Lamar Hunt '42 (professional football)
**Chester A. Marshall (coach, athletic administrator)
Roger Penske '50 (auto racing)
*Richard C. Schneider '31 (author of sports injuries books, co-inventor of pneumatic football helmet)

Culver Academies 2004 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

**John R. Gaines '46 (equestrian)
Paul W. Schuldt '61 (baseball, football, basketball)
John W. Michel '73 (football, tennis, basketball)
R. Stephen Tucker '87 (crew)
Barron P. Richter '89 (hockey, golf)
Mitchell G. Henderson '94 (baseball, basketball, football)
Beth Zeman Stohlman '94 (swimming, track)
Colin W. Stetson '55 SG (coach) (wrestling, football, tennis) - Lifetime Achievement
Dean John R. Mars (football, basketball, baseball)
**Dr. George T. Wilkins, Jr. '50 (basketball, football, baseball)

Culver Academies 1998-1999 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

*Phil Stiles '13 (track)
*Colonel James Bishop (coach) (tennis)
*Charles Brooks '53 (football)
Enos Fry '61 (swimming)
Jamie Azcarraga '78 (equestrian)
Maria Tettenborn Leeman '87 (basketball)
Andrew Cesarcki '87 (hockey, football)

Culver Academies 1996-1997 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

*Robert "Bob" Peck (coach) (football)
*Louis "Gus" Nippert '22 (baseball owner/executive)
*Willis E. Maxson '39 (football, baseball, track)
R. Dan Maxson '41 (football, basketball)
Arthur V. Kurtz '49 (track)
Maury E. Brassert '52 (soccer, boxing)
Lucy K. Tyler-Sharman '83 (Olympic cycler)
Kevin C. Dean '87 (hockey, golf)
Juergen P. Sommer '87 (soccer) 

Culver Academies 1995-1996 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

*K.P. "Mike" Carpenter (coach) (boxing, track)
*Edmund M. Cameron '20 (football, basketball, administrator)
Talbot M. Smith '50 (baseball executive)
H. Lindsey Parris, Jr. '65 (track, basketball)
Michael E. Schrage '66 (wrestling)
William O. Kime '80 (football, wrestling)
Anne Quilhot Buckley '82 (basketball)
Daniel T. Pippenger '82 (wrestling)  

Culver Academies 1994 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

*Walter P. O'Malley '22 (baseball)
*Russell D. Oliver '31 (football, basketball, baseball)
*C.C. Johnson Spink '35 (baseball, publishing)
**Frank Walaitis (coach) (swimming)
K.S. "Bud" Adams '40 (football, track, team owner)
Eugene N. Chipman '45 (track, crew)
Jack W. Martin '46 (football, track, pentathlete)
George M. Steinbrenner, III '48 (football, track, baseball team owner)
**Warren Wofford '54 (equestrian)
William I. Koch '58 (yachting, sailing, America's Cup)
James C. Wofford '62 (equestrian)
Michael B. Thrower '64 (wrestling, football)
John Mosley '79 (football)
Gary Suter '82 (hockey)
Patricia Babcock '90 (basketball, volleyball) 

**Deceased since induction date 

“I believe that the great value of athletics lies in keeping the student body physically fit. I know of no place, with the possible exception of the United States Military Academy, where the athletic program is handled as well or where they get the results that they do at Culver.” - Knute Rockne, University of Notre Dame Football Coach, at the dedication of the Culver Recreation Building April 21, 1924



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