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Arts & Letters Hall of Fame

Since its inception in 1894, Culver has been blessed with a long line of alumni, alumna, faculty, staff and patrons who have distinguished themselves in the Arts and Letters. We seek to pay special tribute to those who have made unusually significant contributions at Culver, and beyond, by establishing the Culver Academies Arts and Letters Hall of Fame.

Culver Academies 2013 Arts and Letters Hall of Fame Inductees

Morgan Paull ’63 (Film, Television)
Frederick Dierks Bentley W ’88 (Recording Artist) 
William J. Vlasic ’72 (Author) 
Robert B. Baer ’71 (Author)
Marcia V. Mayo SS ’71 (Art Historian) 
Erikka Walsh ’02 (Film , Television)
Arthur G. Hughes (Art Educator) 


Culver Academies 2008 Arts and Letters Hall of Fame Inductees

*Daniel Beard FSSS (author & illustrator)
*Daniel J. Boorstin, Ph.D. H'29 (Author, Librarian of Congress Emeritus)
Walter S. Burr T'42 (Voice-over Director)
*Edwin R. Culver III W'34, '38 (Director, The Muny)
Harvey Firari RF (Playwright, Author, Art Educator)
John C. Harmon II '53 (Composer, Jazz Pianist, & Recording Artist)
Maxwell K. Hearn '67 (Art Curator)
*Russell Werner Lee '21 (Renowned New Deal Photographer)
Andrew Malcolm '62 (Journalist & Author)
*James W. Michaels '39 (Managing Editor, Forbes Magazine)
*Ernest "Red" Loring Nichols '21 (Jazz Musician, Band Leader & Actor)
William P. Perry '47 (Composer & Producer)
James W. Riley '71 (Film Industry, Special Effects)
D. Martin Tahse '48 (Film Producer)
John Gordon Turnbull, Jr. '56 (Architect)


Culver Academies 2004 Arts and Letters Hall of Fame Inductees

Ara Berberian '48
James-Paul Brown '57
Samuel C. Cohn '47
Luther B. Davis '34
Kurt A. Elling '85
Tina Freeman '68
Ernest K. Gann '30
Graham Gund '56
Horace M. Heidt '20
Smith Hempstone, Jr. '46
Hal Holbrook '42
Charles J. "Tim" Holt, Jr. '36
Joshua L. Logan III '27
Dr. Charles Chambers Mather (Former Faculty Member)
Adolphe J. Menjou 1907
Edmund H. North '28
Colonel William J. "Mike" O'Callaghan (Former Faculty Member)
Colonel Edward T. Payson '22 (Former Faculty Member)
Jon R. Scieszka '72
Eugene K. "Gene" Siskel '63
Paul T. Winter, Jr. '56


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