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Horsemanship Hall of Fame

Culver has been blessed with a long line of alumni, alumna, faculty, staff and patrons who have distinguished themselves in Horsemanship. We seek to pay special tribute to those who have made unusually significant contributions at Culver, and beyond, by establishing the Culver Academies Horsemanship Hall of Fame.

Culver Academies 2013 Horsemanship Hall of Fame Inductees

1981 CMA Polo Team
Braddock J. Alexander ’81
Danforth W. “Bo” Hagler Jr. ’81
Craig R. “Chip” Smythe ’81
Robert M. Schless ’50
MorrisB. “Morry” Floyd ’54
Jeffrey R. Markle ’00
Frederick S. Cuthbert II ’59
Lt. Col. Floyd W. “Sam” Townsley

Culver Academies 2009 Horsemanship Hall of Fame Inductees

Craig Matthew Cameron H’63
Robert Estill Courtney H’38
Walter J. Durrett ’66
Barbara Evelyn Newill Klatt ’73
Charles Maull Jr. ’33 (Retired Staff)*
Sergio Theron Nieto ’94
William Robertson ’59
Dale Schwetz ’85
Darrell Schwetz H’79
Dwight D. Sutherland, Sr. N’39*
Perry Sutherland H’75

Culver Academies 2007 Horsemanship Hall of Fame Inductees

Thomas W. Bachman T '66
Whitney L. Chamberlin T '89
Gregory W. Gingery N '62
John W. Hudson (Retired Faculty)
Stephen A. Orthwein H '60
Peter B. Orthwein H '60
Adolphus B. Orthwein Jr. H '57
Ricardo C. Sarabasa T '57
Bradley A. Scherer T '76
V. Courtlandt Smith II T '49
Henry G. Steinbrenner II '76
Dwight W. Winkelman II T '52

Culver Academies 2004 Horsemanship Hall of Fame Inductees

C. Eric Brodnax T '82
Michael K. Dailey T '71
Donald T. Davies '35
Richard L. Duchossois
Craig J. Duchossois T '62
R. Bruce Duchossois T '68
Justo J. Fernandez Jr. T '59
Rosemary A. Gordon-Panuco '74
William D. Haggard III H '40
Jud Q. Little T '65
Harry M. Rhett Jr. '31
Robert Rossow (Retired Staff)
Clarence A. Whitney (Retired Faculty)
Warren William Wofford T '54

Culver Academies 2003 Horsemanship Hall of Fame Inductees

Leigh R. Gignilliat (Retired Faculty)
Gerald J. Graham (Former Faculty)
J. Antonio Chedraui H '82
Charles C. Craver III T '46
Benjamin H. Hardaway III H '35
N. Bunker Hunt '43
Alfred R. Kitts '43
William Sinclaire T '47
Frank N. Vessels III T '71
Albert B. Wharton III '65

Culver Academies 2002 Horsemanship Hall of Fame Inductees

Jaime Azcarraga T '78
Patrick Connors T '42
John H. Fritz (Former Faculty)
John Ryan Gaines '46
Isaac Leonard Kitts (Former Faculty)
Preston W. Madden T '52
Raul Nieto T '78
George Arthur Sloan II '55
Jonathan W. Warner T '36
James C. Wofford T '62
Dinwiddie Lampton Jr. T '34


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