Visiting Culver

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... A gem behind the "corn silk curtain."

Since 1894 spirit, history, and tradition have left quite a mark on this unique campus. From the inspiring Tudor Gothic architecture that forms the foundation of the facilities to the world-class athletic and academic facilities, Culver is enough to keep someone coming back time and time again.

Just as the "1812 Overture" cannot be fully appreciated unless experienced in person, the extraordinary soul of Culver is difficult to communicate through any other vehicle than a physical visit. Although this is true, we encourage you to take advantage of the wonderful resources in this section to get a better feel for Culver and what it has to offer. 

Getting the whole picture

The images of Culver are what really bring this campus to life. From the Tudor Gothic architecture to the unique events, the 1,800-acre lake to the wooded bird sanctuary, you just have to see this place for yourself to comprehend what it's all about.

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Iron Gate
Initiated at the 1911 Commencement exercises, the Iron Gate is the portal through which each graduating CMA cadet walks, signifying passage from Culver to his future.

First-Class Ring
Presented by the Class of 1939 to future first-classmen and seniors, the "ring" has become cherished in the traditions of cadets and coeds as their special lakeshore refuge.

Crest Ceremony
The Crest Ceremony is the culmination of the new girls' orientation to Culver and a meaningful occasion when they receive their Crest patch, an honor pin to be worn on their blazers, and are formally inducted as full members of CGA.