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Culver Summer Schools Alumni Association

Welcome to the Summer Alumni Association

Alumni who have completed the Woodcraft Beaver/Cardinal Gold C program, or graduated from the School of Aviation, Girls School, School of Horsemanship, or Naval School shall be considered eligible to hold office and vote at the Annual Meeting of The Culver Summer Schools Alumni Association.

Board of Directors


Emily Barnes Cole SSG '84

Chicago, IL



Dan Kopp W '94, N '98

Naperville, IL

First Vice President


Guillermo F. Aguilar Pena A ‘09

Dallas, TX


Dorian Bond W '88

Phoenix, AZ


Bridget O'Connell Collins W '88, CGA '93

Bloomfield Hills, MI


Anne Cooper W '84, SSG '87, CGA '89

Chicago, IL


Emily David Gifford SSG '91

Ballwin, MO


Sarah Wallace Heckman W ’97, SSG ‘00

Granville, OH


Peter Lacy W '84, N '87

Carmel, IN


Theodore J. Lauzen N ‘02

Wilmington, DE


Jacob R. Mangerson W ’95, NB ’98, CMA ‘00

Chicago, IL


Elizabeth Eberspacher Nohren SSG ’93, CGA ‘94

Shelbyville, IL


Leigh Ann Lauth O'Neill SSG '97

Carmel, IN


Andrea Quintana W '88, SSG '90

Culver, IN


Shane Sorg W ’85, N ’88, CMA ’90

Ft Wayne, IN


Jason F. Sturman N ‘91

Indianapolis, IN


Ex-Officio Directors

Dr. Douglas Bird '90


Miles White '73


Andy Seddelmeyer


Alan Loehr

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