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Two or Ten Payment Tuition Billing Plan

Every family must enroll with Smart Tuition, as they are handling all tuition and fee billings. Once enrolled, you will have the option to pick your payment plan schedule.   As an alternative to the single payment due August 1st, Smart Tuition also offers a two or ten payment plan.  All parents must enroll with SMART tuition.  If full payment of tuition and fees cannot be paid by August 1, parents must select either a two or ten payment plan and pay their first installment payment by July 1. 

Tuition Refund Program

Our Tuition Refund Program, funded entirely by Culver, will refund in full, all second payments (Boarding $21,250/Day $16,250.00) for students who withdraw or are dismissed during the first and second term.  Refunds will be sent 30 days after day of departure.  See your Enrollment Agreement for exclusions and terms.


The Academy Uniform department sells Academy-issued items required for the daily wardrobe.Please refer to the Parents Handbook for a list of personal items that can be brought from home.

The cost of a typical Academy Issue for a new student is as follows:
New CMA Students: $2,300.00
New CGA Students: $1,200.00
New Students participating in horsemanship – Add:  

  • $625 for CMA Black Horse Troop
  • $425 for CGA Equitation clothing

You can make a prepayment on your Smart Tuition account for these items, or purchase them at the Uniform department on move-in day.  The Uniform department accepts cash, checks drawn from a US bank account and the following credit cards:  AmEx, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

NEW - Uniform eReceipts for Boarding School

When your student makes a purchase on account, you will now receive a detailed E-receipt to your SMART Tuition primary email address.  The email will come from with a subject line of Sales Transaction from C.E.F UNIFORM. Uniform charges will be posted to SMART Tuition in summary each month, along with other charges such as class fees, student activities, sports packs and transportation.

Optional Instruction

Horsemanship Fees: CMA Black Horse Troop and CGA Equitation - $4,400.00 billed $1,100 per term

Private Music Lessons $330 per term

Student International Medical Insurance, If Required - $1,870

The International Medical Insurance Plan provides primary, 100% coverage up to $500,000 per accident/sickness for a broad range of medical services provided by specialists and hospitals, including laboratory and x-ray costs.  The Plan features no deductibles or preauthorization, and covers a student for the Academic year.  International Students are covered worldwide except in their home country.

Class Dues - $40

This one-time fee is charged to each new student.  With these funds, students are encouraged to generate proceeds every year, and the proceeds are used to purchase a Class Gift for the school.  

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