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102 South Main Street
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Museum guests will glimpse the beginnings of Culver Military Academy through rare artifacts including original 1860s and 1870s stoves and clocks sold by founder Henry Harrison Culver as the catalyst of what would become one of the premiere private boarding schools in the United States.

As a visitor, you'll journey through time by way of early uniforms and other attire worn by the school’s famous cadets, midshipmen, woodcrafters, and girls. You’ll also see Culver Academies through the eyes of the world in the form of countless features lauding Culver over the past century-plus in a host of media formats, from the pages of renowned publications, to original novels centered around the school; from early sheet music and recordings of Culver's memorable songs as well as musical tributes to Culver, to the thrills of Hollywood spectacles filmed at or about the Academies with some of the great stars of the day.

See early artifacts, the evolution, and beloved traditions of Culver’s Summer Schools & Camps, developed by American scouting pioneers like Daniel Carter Beard. The fascinating progression – and now cherished traditions -- of the Culver Girls Academy, as it is known today, launched in 1971, are featured through mementos from its inception and early years.

The museum continues to comb the nation and Culver’s own rarely-seen collections to bring to light artifacts in always-evolving displays featuring original postcards, medals, fine silver and china both used at – and used to promote – the various schools through the years, flags, vintage photos, and many other items dating back to the turn of the 20th century and before, all to tell the story of Culver’s past.

Browse through Roll Calls, photos, and artifacts online in Culver's Digital Vault.






Alums and all devotees of Culver's history (and music) will want to consider adding two new offerings at the Culver Academies Museum & Gift Shop to their holiday shopping lists.
"Songs of Culver," a 1956 LP record long out of print and featuring the Culver band and Chapel Choir, was recorded on campus by RCA Victor. It features, among other tracks, "The Culver Song," a "Football Medley," "Ye Men of Culver," "The First Class Song," and others, played as many remember them in those days of Culver's yesteryear.
The CD, featuring reproductions of the original LP jacket art, retails for just $14.95 at the Museum & Gift Shop.
An array of vintage films -- digitally remastered from original reels -- are available in the museum gift shop. They include:
"Fit for the Future," a 1938 Culver Military Academy promotional film featuring a visual and audio feast of Culver life of the day. 36 minutes.
"Culver: the Early Years," a visual trip through the founding and initial development of CMA, narrated by historian Robert B.D. Hartman. Approx. 30 minutes.
Culver Summer Camps in the 1930s, a double-feature promotional film showcasing the Summer Naval, Cavalry, and Woodcraft Camps at Culver during the `30s. 30 minutes.
"Letter from a Culver Cadet." Though shot in 1948 and `49, this promotional film is in vibrant color and depicts cadet life via a fictional letter home, from academics to meals, dances to athletics. 30 minutes.
"Trails of Adventure," a full-color, 1955 promotional film exploring the world of Culver's Woodcraft Camp. 30 minutes. 
"Education for Responsibility," one of our most popular offerings. Shot in 1959, this lavishly detailed, full color promotional film is rich in the sights and sounds of Culver, its faculty, students, and way of life. 35 minutes.
"Boots and Saddles" and "A Culver Midshipman." Another full color, late 1950s promotional film, this double feature brings to life the world of Culver's Summer Schools, including wonderful footage ranging from the O.W. Fowler at full sail, to the Summer Troop in all its disciplined glory. 45 minutes.
"The Culver Spirit." Filmed circa 1982, this promotional movie offers a snapshot of Culver life including both CMA and CGA, and does so in a musical, lyrical manner. Approximately 20 minutes.
"100 Years of the Black Horse Toop," another audience favorite, examines the history and legacy of one of Culver's most famous attributes. This documentary film aired on the History Channel in time for the Troop's 100th anniversary in 1997, and is a propos for the centennial of Culver's first Presidential Inaugural appearance as well. 30 minutes.
Other films are on the way, and there's a host of additional footage available for viewing in the museum's media room any time. More treasures retrieved from the vaults and planned for release in the near future.
And, if planning a visit and/or holiday shopping, remember to stop by the Museum & Gift Shop to browse not only the wide array of fine modern Culver items available, but also our vintage section. An ever-rotating selection of vintage publications, postcards, and extremely rare historical items are available.


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